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Lab infrastructure

Overview of the laboratory infrastructure

SEON has a variety of state-of-the-art and high-quality measuring instruments at its disposal to characterize a wide range of particles in detail with regard to their chemical, physical and biological properties. We offer our cooperation partners and external customers to perform corresponding analyses.

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On this page you will find a selection of our general laboratory infrastructure:

Siemens Artis Zee Floor, Siemens MagDrug Magnet 2, Stäubli TX200 uniVal Drive

Magnet robot and angio CT

Through the BMBF funding "Center of Excellence for Medical Technology") in cooperation with the company Siemens Healthcare and the Department of Neuroradiology of the University Hospital Erlangen, a C-arm supported angiography system (Siemens Artis Zee Floor) was installed in our animal operating room. With the help of this equipment it is possible to visualize the vascular supply of the experimental tumors in 2 and 3 dimensions. This is an important prerequisite for the correct positioning of our electromagnet MagDrug Magnet 2 (Siemens) in the tumor region. To achieve optimal enrichment of drug-loaded particles in the tumor, our magnet was installed in 2019, also through the support of the Manfred Roth Foundation, on a TX200 uniVal Drive robotic arm from Stäubli. With a robot-controlled, freely programmable and positionable magnet, all body regions should be able to be approached and a change of position should also be possible during treatment.


Cell culture/molecular biology


Our cell culture laboratories are equipped with several cell incubators, sterile workbenches, centrifuges, bacterial shakers, microscopes, warming baths, etc.


Büchi Minipilot 15

Synthesis reactor

Minipilot 15 system from Büchi for highly scaled syntheses, consisting of a double-walled 15 liter glass reactor temperature-controllable from -60 °C to +200 °C. The reaction chamber is CIP-capable (Cleaning in Place) and the modular design allows the exchange of components to adapt to different synthesis requirements. A dosing unit, a hand hole for reactant addition, an inert gas connection, a stirring shaft feedthrough, a reflux condenser, and a manometer for pressure monitoring are mounted above the cover plate, which was specially designed for particle syntheses. This enables a small-scale parameterization process for synthesis adaptations from laboratory scale to larger-scale production volumes under quality-controlled conditions.


KrosFlo Research IIi

Tangential flow filtration system

The KrosFlo Research IIi from Repligen is suitable for microfiltration and ultrafiltration of both small volumes of 1 ml, but also larger volumes up to 10 L. The system covers overflow rates from 0.01 to 2300 ml/min with one pump head and up to 3800 ml/min with an optional second pump head. This also allows samples to be gently concentrated and purified.


Verasonics Vantage 64 LE

Ultrasonic device

The "Vantage 64 LE" is a research ultrasound device from the company Verasonics. While in medically used systems the raw data is already displayed processed (B-scan, color Doppler, etc.) and it is not so easy to access the raw data, the Vantage system offers the possibility to access the raw data, to program the imaging itself and also to influence the sending and receiving of the ultrasound signal.



Discover Explorer SPD

Microwave Digestion

With the Discover Explorer SPD (with sample changer) from CEM, we are able to perform digestions and syntheses by microwave as automatic, pre-programmed sequences. Both pressureless reactions and reaction sequences in pressure vessels can be carried out.


Christ Alpha 1-2 LD Plus

Freeze Dryer

Freeze drying is based on the physical process of sublimation: In freeze drying, the ice crystals sublime directly into the gaseous state without the intermediate occurrence of a liquid phase. With the Christ Alpha 1-2 LD Plus, we therefore have a device that is suitable for the gentle drying of high-quality products.


Milli-Q Direct 8

Ultrapure water treatment system

For both synthesis and analysis, it is not possible to take water directly from the tap. Although tap water is drinkable, it still contains numerous "impurities" that interfere with sensitive processes. Therefore, before use, the water is purified by reverse osmosis and a bactericidal UV lamp and then filtered.




The endothelializer from VascuZell enables the inner surface of tubular structures to be populated with cells. For this purpose, cells are loaded with magnetic nanoparticles, which can subsequently be placed by the ring-shaped magnets of the device.