Functional Departments


Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Heinrich Iro

In our functional departments, specific diagnostics and treatments are carried out, depending to preliminary examinations in our outpatient department. 

In the Ultrasound Department, the B-picture and color Doppler examination of the neck is performed. Further more the treatment of salivary gland diseases is done under local anesthesia.
In the Department of Audiology, special investigations of the ear and the auditory nerve are performed.
In the Department of vestibular / Neurootology the detailed examination of the vestibular system is performded.
In the Department of Neurophysiology we perform electromyographic testing of the facial nerve and vocal cord nerves and we carry out tests of smelling and taste.
In the Department for Allergy we perform different allergy tests and plan the specific treatment.
In the Department of Sleep Medicine we carry out clinical examination, inpatient and outpatient investigations and treatment planning of sleep-disorders. 
In the Intesive care unit, the ICU monitoring and treatment is carried out after extensive surgery and / or complicated diseases.