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Robin Dai

Robin Dai M. Sc.

PhD student, Life Science Engineer

Sektion für Experimentelle Onkologie und Nanomedizin (SEON)
Glückstraße 10a
91054 Erlangen


Education, Training and Academic Positions

Supervisor:  Prof. Dr. Iwona Cicha

Aspired Degree: Dr.-Ing.

Working title: “Development and validation of biofabricated vascularized tissue models for standardized 3D studies“

In the second funding period, the subproject B02 of the SFB/TRR225 deals with the deeper biological characterization as well as the structural analysis and evaluation of microvascular biofabricated structures and their angiogenesis ability in hydrogels. These will be adapted for various tissue models of other subprojects and used for further studies. Furthermore, among others, tumor cell spheroids will be embedded in hydrogels to study the effects on cell communication and vascular sprouting.