Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Heinrich Iro

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SEON offers a range of analysis for partners and external customers. The following table gives an overview of the existing equipment.


  • high-end imaging system: Artis zee floor, Siemens Healthcare

Chemical and physical characterization

4200 MP-AES, Agilent
Discover SPD, CEM
  • Refractive Index: Abbe refractometer (AR4, Krüss)
  • HPLC - system with UV detector: Waters Alliance System, Separation Module e2695 with UV/Vis Detector 2489
  • HPLC - system with UV/MS detector: Thermo Scientific Ultimate 3000 mit ISQ EC
  • Particle size- and zetapotential measurement: Nicomp Zeta Potential/ Particle Sizer 380 ZLS
  • Particle size:  Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS
  • UV-VIS Photometry: Biochrom Libra S22 – spectrometer
  • Freeze- drying: Christ Alpha 1-2 LD Plus
  • Tangential Flow Filtration System: KrosFlo ® Research IIi, Spectrum Labs
  • Closed vessel microwave digestion system and synthesis: Discover Explorer SPD plus with autosampler (CEM)
  • Microwave Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometer (4200 MP-AES Agilent)
  • FT-IR Spektrometer: Bruker ALPHA with Platinum-ATR-sample module and QuickSnap™ transmission sample module
  • Rheology: DV3T,  Brookefield
  • Stabino ®, Particlemetrix: Efficiency system for analyzing the charge characteristics of nanoparticles and polyelectrolytes
  • Bartington MS2 Magnetic susceptibility measuring system

Biological characterization

„Axio Observer“ von Zeiss
  • Gallios flow cytometer with Multi Carousel Loader (Beckman Coulter) and Kaluza evaluation software
  • Muse Cell Analyzer, Merck Millipore
  • Inverted Mikroscope Axiovert 40, Zeiss
  • Innova 42 Bacteria shaker (Incubator Shaker Series), New Brunswick Scientific
  • Chemi- / Biolumineszenzimager: ProXima AQ-4.2 Imager, Isogen Life Science
  • Life Cell Imaging: IncuCyte, Essen BioScience
  • Life Cell Imaging Unit: Mikroscope „Axio Observer“, Zeiss incl. incubationchamber for life cell imaging (temperature and CO2 controlled)
  • Paraffin embedding station: EG 1150H, Leica
  • Leica Rotary Microtome RM 2255
  • Fully automatic Floorstanding Cryostat MNT by Slee

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